Day 324 – I is for Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

I was going to keep this series nice and simple but then I had a thought about how to include infinite combinations and I did the Sarek series earlier in the year and realised that I wanted to capture multiple Spock’s. It’s a bunch of Spock’s, please don’t bother telling me your favourite isn’t there.  […]

Day 316 – A is for Away Team – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

So with only 49 more ST365’s left in the year I’ve got one last shot at a full series and I’m doing The ABCs of Trek Scribbles. Now there are some rules with this series, I’m not doing anyone’s name, or planet or starship.  I’m going for less obvious installments all designed for me to have […]

Day 308 – Spock knows

I’ve always liked For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky but it wasn’t until rewatching it after Kæth requested it over on Patreon that I remembered what a cracking good episode it is. It’s probably the first Blish adaptation I read and at the time I didn’t realise it was an episode so […]