Day 12 – Spock by Birjit Junk

I was born in 1967 and raised in Germany and I´m a Trekker since I my childhood. I watched the adventures of the Enterprise-Crew every week, although it wasn’t easy to convince my parents to do so, because we only had one TV! And on the other channel (there were only three of them at […]

Day 4 – Mister Spock by Myra Duley

I’ve tried all mediums but my favorites are pencils and oils. I enjoy drawing portraits especially Star Trek characters. I think I’ve drawn Spock more than any other character. Myra Duley The diversity in illustrations submitted is so exciting! Check out Myra’s twitter feed for more art! @art_mduley78

Merry Trekmas – TOS Films

I like the idea of Spock being thoughtful enough to review the Earth custom database after his resurrection and ensuring that he remembered to celebrate Trekmas. I also think that three seconds after this McCoy would have burst out in tears laughing. This is part of my Trekmas celebration.

Day 357 – Merry Trekmas – TOS

To celebrate the festive season that is Trekmas* I wanted to celebrate with everyone by sharing a series of Trekmas illustrations that hopefully cover everyone’s favourite series so starting right now I’ll be posting continuously over the next few days various Trekmas gift exchanges. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me asking… some begging […]

Day 324 – I is for Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

I was going to keep this series nice and simple but then I had a thought about how to include infinite combinations and I did the Sarek series earlier in the year and realised that I wanted to capture multiple Spock’s. It’s a bunch of Spock’s, please don’t bother telling me your favourite isn’t there.  […]

Day 316 – A is for Away Team – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

So with only 49 more ST365’s left in the year I’ve got one last shot at a full series and I’m doing The ABCs of Trek Scribbles. Now there are some rules with this series, I’m not doing anyone’s name, or planet or starship.  I’m going for less obvious installments all designed for me to have […]