Day 208 – Choose Your Pain

Day 208 - Choose Your Pain

It’s interesting that the very first episode of TNG deals with a lifeform being enslaved and tortured by a group of humanoids looking to benefit from a creature’s misery and pain. A theme then repeated on Discovery, except Starfleet were those horrible humanoids. And whilst I feel most of this storyline got lost in the […]

Day 112 – The Cell

Day 112 - The Cell 0 star trek 365 by Lee Sargent

The long lost original pilot episode of Star Trek Discovery. I’m not going to start but these are era appropriate uniforms and I personally think they look awesome… Man I’ve got to stop cutting these so close another one done about an hour before midnight, I’ll get back ahead tomorrow! Original Star Trek 365 illustrations […]

Day 8 – The Vulcan Hello

Day 8 - The Vulcan Hello - Star Trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Clearly inspired by Spock’s space walk in Star Trek The Motion Picture, as much as I don’t completely concede the logic, it is a cool sequence, shot beautifully and I think one of Michael’s more likeable scenes. I’ve said it elsewhere but I think I need to wait to see all of Star Trek Discovery […]