Day 300 / 5 – No bumpy forehead here

I still like old school Klingons back when half the quadrant was learning Klingonese.  Mmmmm maybe starting at midnight wasn’t so crash hot an idea LOL.  I’ve got a couple more to do before I can schedule everything and go to bed. Otherwise some of these updates are going to start getting pretty messy. This […]

Day 188 – Starfleet Academy: Diplomatic Corps

Day 188 - Starfleet Academy: Diplomatic Corps

Whether it be making the first contact or brokering peace, the Diplomatic Corps embedded within Starfleet gives support to delicate galactic situations.  Working in concert with the United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Corps we seek to bridge the gap between the Starfleet and the Federation Council. Guest starring Bree and John from my Patreon supporters. […]