Day 173 – Fury

Day 173 - Fury

I have a soft spot for Kes so to have her return in Season Six was kinda of awesome, to have her pissed off and storming through the ship blowing up conduits looked amazing!!! I think it’s a shame we didn’t get her full story, I think it would have been amazing to actually have […]

Day 150 – Posing for pictures

Day 150 - Posing for pictures - Star Trek Voyager

Wow, one hundred and fifty Star Trek illustrations.  Where has the year gone? What I enjoyed most about doing this one on the big A3 paper is that all the people in it are still tiny, they’re smaller than I usually draw them on A4 paper LOL.  I’ve actually done an illustration like this in […]

Day 23 – The Phage

I have to say of all of Voyager’s new alien species I think I found the Vidiians to be one of my favourites.  I like their ghoulish story and motivations.  There’s something very real and tangible about their plight but also a horror.  It’s hard to empathise with the Borg and their mission but the […]