Day 156 – a simple tailor

Day 156 - a simple tailor

I just realised that that is a terrible scan!  I’m running late tonight so I can’t fix it. I’ve done this one before but I definitely expanded upon it this time round (I think last time he was hand sewing) so I got to design a Cardassian sewing machine. Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are […]

Day 98 – Our Man Bashir

Day 98 - Our Man Bashir - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

I’m not so taken with broken holodeck episodes personally but I have to say that Our Man Bashir is one of the absolutely most requested episodes I get.  There’s something about Garak and Bashir in tuxedos that captures everyone’s imagination! To continue on with my Doctor theme during this period of the uncommon cold (which […]