Day 354 – I see you’ve heard about your mandatory medical leave

So that’s my caption but I’m actually more interested in hearing yours!  I like the idea that the Doctor probably endures regular dehumanising behaviour exhibited by some of the more… feisty members of the crew.  I mean it’s not nice but then I doubt it’s considered malicious by the more technically minded crew members who […]

Day 280 – The crew of the USS Voyager

The last of my 2017 commission pieces!  I’m not a massive fan of doing so many crew pieces together, I get a bit angsty about the poses and feel like I need to vary them. So I’ve got a bunch of group photo poses that I’ll draw from and for Voyager I thought I’d try […]

Day 150 – Posing for pictures

Day 150 - Posing for pictures - Star Trek Voyager

Wow, one hundred and fifty Star Trek illustrations.  Where has the year gone? What I enjoyed most about doing this one on the big A3 paper is that all the people in it are still tiny, they’re smaller than I usually draw them on A4 paper LOL.  I’ve actually done an illustration like this in […]

Day 96 – the EMH awaits a repair team

Day 96 - the EMH awaits a repair team - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Yeah it’s a scene I’d been thinking of doing for a while now and this brief trip into Doctor territory was the perfect time for it. It’s actually a very dehumanising and insulting manner in which they treat the Doctor which I’m glad is addressed later on in the series. Now this one tickled me […]

Day 74 – Message in a Bottle

Day 74 - Message in a Bottle - Star Trek 365 by Lee Sargent

So for the next week I’m just doing randomly selected episodes (there’s a couple of random Trek generators online – none for Enterprise though except one that connects directly to Netflix). I don’t know why I didn’t show the Mark II EMH, I guess I’ve drawn him before and I wanted to draw some Romulans.  […]

Day 23 – The Phage

I have to say of all of Voyager’s new alien species I think I found the Vidiians to be one of my favourites.  I like their ghoulish story and motivations.  There’s something very real and tangible about their plight but also a horror.  It’s hard to empathise with the Borg and their mission but the […]