Merry Trekmas – TOS Films

I like the idea of Spock being thoughtful enough to review the Earth custom database after his resurrection and ensuring that he remembered to celebrate Trekmas. I also think that three seconds after this McCoy would have burst out in tears laughing. This is part of my Trekmas celebration.

Day 346 – Heh, born pregnant?

So one of the challenges of getting these requests is being original. I know everyone* wants that image that they saw on my feed but they’re often hard to recapture and they feel hollow so I attempt to do something different with every original illustration. The request here was just for TOS Dr McCoy so […]

Day 331 – P is for Plexicorp – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

Not now Madeline! The  greatest mystery in Star Trek is what is it that Madelaine wanted.  Although I’m sure the novelisation might mention it (though I recently re-read it and nothing comes to mind). I like to think that Madelaine had the idea for transparent aluminum first and was about to suggest it Dr Nichols. I […]

Day 319 – D is for Dilithium Mining – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

This is the gulag Rura Penthe. There is no stockade. No guard tower. No electronic frontier. Only a magnetic shield prevents beaming. “Punishment” means exile from prison to the surface. On the surface, nothing can survive. Work well, and you will be treated well. Work badly, and you will die. For a place where no […]

Day 316 – A is for Away Team – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

So with only 49 more ST365’s left in the year I’ve got one last shot at a full series and I’m doing The ABCs of Trek Scribbles. Now there are some rules with this series, I’m not doing anyone’s name, or planet or starship.  I’m going for less obvious installments all designed for me to have […]