Day 277 – Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge crew in Ten Forward

The request was to include Guinan and Wesley in addition to the main cast which presented a challenge in space and positioning.  I fit Wesley in by getting him to crouch down and then I realised I had no more room. So then I moved them all down to Ten Forward so I could fit […]

Day 264 – Doctor Beverly Crusher

Oh tomorrow is exciting, once I met William Shatner I didn’t really imagine meeting anyone else for Star Trek but when Gates McFadden was announced at Oz ComicCon in Brisbane I kinda got swept up in it all. So I ordered the Nemesis style uniform for Riker because he is literally the only character I […]

Day 94 – The Dancing Doctor

Day 94 - The Dancing Doctor - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

I’m in the third or fourth day of this blasted cold and it keeps shifting symptoms on me – I don’t have the sore throat today but now I can’t breathe through my nose but I have an almighty cough at the same time.  So based on my current infirment I decided to switch today’s […]