Day 345 – This is up. Up is no.

I’ve decided that since a lot of the commission pieces that I’m working on are Star Trek related anyway that I’m going to start including some of them in the Star Trek 365 project.   I feel weird putting down commissions to work on the ST365 instead and frankly I can live without anymore angst in […]

Day 292 – Bubblegum

I’ve been rewatching TNG but I skipped over this one until John over on Patreon suggested this scene. Watching the episode again I actually really enjoyed it so I’m not sure why I thought I didn’t like it.  I love the idea that maybe Data fired at the end and maybe he didn’t.

Day 277 – Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge crew in Ten Forward

The request was to include Guinan and Wesley in addition to the main cast which presented a challenge in space and positioning.  I fit Wesley in by getting him to crouch down and then I realised I had no more room. So then I moved them all down to Ten Forward so I could fit […]

Day 123 – Datalore

Day 123 - Datalore - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent

We recently watched this episode for the First Watch podcast and despite some of the issues that episode has I think introducing an evil twin was a great idea for Data’s story.  It’s also an opportunity ofcourse for Brent Spiner to do something a little bit different and I’m happy he’s the face of the […]