Day 277 – Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge crew in Ten Forward

The request was to include Guinan and Wesley in addition to the main cast which presented a challenge in space and positioning.  I fit Wesley in by getting him to crouch down and then I realised I had no more room. So then I moved them all down to Ten Forward so I could fit […]

Day 167 – Captains in the kitchen

Day 167 - Captains in the kitchen

This was suggested over on Twitter (see I do occasionally follow through on a suggestion!!!) @leesargent Hi Lee. Got a suggestion for if you haven’t covered it before. The two captains together in the nexus in Generations. Either cooking breakfast together and/or talking together on horseback. — Geoffrey McCarthy (@Geoffers1978) June 12, 2018 I always […]

Day 108 – When the wallsss fell

Day 108 - When the wallsss fell - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

The Enterprise encounters a reclusive civilization of reptilian beings known as the Gorn; in an effort to foster understanding, their leader transports himself and Captain Picard onto the surface of a planet where they are hunted by a beast. Yeah I’m enjoying myself with these little AltTrek diversions 🙂 We’re off to a familiar’ish space […]