Day 5 – Emissary

Day 5 - Emissary - Star Trek 386 by Lee Sargent 2018


The response to the question of what is the defining moment in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine pilot episode Emissary was loud and clear “It is not linear.” Everyone was right of course, this is the defining moment of DS9 and Sisko’s realisation that he must move on and embrace his new path.  Before this he could barely be in the same room with Captain Picard who he knew was just as much of a victim of Wolf 359. His second conversation with Picard much more civil, he is a man who has started on the road to healing, much like Bajor and the Bajoran people who have lost so much and need to heal.

This is the story of Deep Space Nine and it’s a wonderfully rich one.

The challenge with tackling these kind of scenes is a very valid fear of not being able to do it justice in my style.  This is a weighty scene and I honestly felt reverent when drawing Jennifer, in no way wishing to make light of the scene and its importance.  I usually play music whilst I illustrate but I didn’t with this one, probably a little silly but still.

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Day 4 – Encounter at Farpoint

Day 4 - Encounter at Farpoint - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Encounter at Farpoint

I’m old enough to remember the first time I ever saw Encounter at Farpoint (as I mentioned over on Twitter I keep going to call it Fairpoint for some reason), it was a weird sensation because, there was no internet back then so we had no idea what might be going on apart from the photocopied official Star Trek fan-club of Australia’s booklets that would be mailed out and had photocopied promo photos etc.  Also this had never been done, to my knowledge, taking an old show and putting a new generation in to replace them.

I remember not really registering Dr McCoy in it and hating the Enterprise D, I mean I did not like it at all.  All the costumes were different and more organic looking and very tight.

I look back on Farpoint with a lot of nostalgia and I still think as far as pilot episodes go it isn’t that bad at all.  I will admit to getting slightly misty eyed when Riker reminded us that he first met Data in the holodeck trying to whistle in Nemesis.

Also I got Deanna’s cheerleader colour wrong… sigh.

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Day 3 – Beyond the Farthest Star

Day 3 - Beyond the Farthest Star - Star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Beyond the Farthest Star

I really didn’t want to do this shot but I think it is too important a shot from the episode to avoid and besides, I’ve got 365 of these things to do, I may as well push myself further 😉

The reason I didn’t want to do it is that a) I’m not comfortable with the ships (although I’m getting a lot more so) and b) space is horrible to paint in watercolour… well for me anyway, better artists probably revel in it but I struggle with all that black space.

But take a look at that alien ship!!  I mean that is a thing of beauty, a truly alien design of ship that is generally avoided in tradition non-animated Star Trek for simple production costs.  I love it and it shows the potential for the animated series’ ability to explore truly strange new worlds.

The Enterprise in this drawing was made possible by an online model I found that allows me to put the ship in any position for reference.  Which for me is a god send.  The angle in the episode was literally just side on but I wanted a shot that showed the Enterprise approaching the derelict ship and I knew in my head what angle I wanted it to be but no idea how to translate it.

Finally how cool is it that this episode was written by Samuel A. Peeples the same writer who wrote yesterday’s Where No Man Has Gone Before.  He wrote the pilot for TOS and TAS!

The pattern for the start of this year’s Star Trek 365 should be pretty obvious by now so no prizes for guessing tomorrow’s.

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Day 2 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

Day 2 - Star Trek 365 - Where No Man Has Gone Before by Lee Sargent 2018

Where No Man Has Gone Before

I know that it’s not the first episode that aired but it is the pilot episode and it’s interesting what refinements where to come.  Despite the galactic barrier stuff (I gloss over it in my head) this is an exceptionally solid story.  Kirk’s struggle with having to kill his friend because of what he is becoming through no fault of his own is a wonderful story full of drama and questions.

I love going through these episodes for reference shots I think the matte painting used for Delta Vega is similar to the one if not the same used for Talos IV from The Cage.  My backdrop differs a little, i always have to generally take a little bit of liberty with the framing.

Let me know what you think below or over on social media and if you have any Trek friends who would like the project let them know

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Day 1 – The Cage

Day 1 - Star Trek 365 - The Cage by Lee Sargent 2018

The Cage

I thought it fitting to start the 2018 Star Trek 365 project by featuring the episode where it all began, The Cage.  Deemed too cerebral by television executives this was the original pilot for Star Trek that was rejected.  In television history they commissioned a second pilot episode and the rest is of course history.

I actually think The Cage stands the test of time, it’s a great story and I’m glad they restored it.  I’m a massive fan of the uniforms, especially the away team jackets and I think it’s a missed opportunity by Star Trek Discovery not to feature updated versions of them.

This is a very different Star Trek in tone, there is a hardness to Captain Christopher Pike which is softened by his replacement Captain Kirk and Nimoy is very clearly grappling with how he’s going to be playing this half human half vulcanian.

This just feels great to be kicking off again with the daily drawings and I can’t wait to see what the year brings.

Also so weird to sign this 2018!!!!

Please let me know what you think, share with any friends you think might like it, make suggestions, ask questions! LOL

Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available on Etsy.



One Day to go for Star Trek 365 2018 editionOkay apart from it being New Year’s Eve I’m so excited to be launching this tomorrow!  I know exactly what the first illustration is going to be and I’ll give you a hint, we’re going back to where it all began!

Coming 2018 – 365 Star Trek Scribbles

365 Star Trek Scribbles - by Lee Sargent

So it’s happening again.

Every day of 2018 I will be posting a Star Trek scribble here as well as all the usual places, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.  I think I’ll probably set up a new account for Instagram so as not to flood my personal account again.  I’ve attempted this twice, succeeded once, failed the second time so I’m excited to see if I can keep up the pace of 365 Star Trek themed drawings.

Same rules apply, it’s daily posting but I’m allowed to draw in advance and bank some up during the year.  The scribbles will span all of Star Trek and will be up to my whim as far as materials used.  Any commission pieces that are Star Trek themed will be counted.

I’ve learned a lot in the three “365 day” challenges that I’ve done (the third was a Star Wars sketch card one that collapsed under its own weight) and so I’m going into this with a plan.

I hope you are all as excited as I am about this!

PS I’m also testing some automation to make life easier next year so if it all went seriously wrong I apologise!!!