Day 9 – Ladies of TNG by Carl Huber

Ladies of TNG by Carl Huber

Star Trek was one of my first loves in terms of “nerdy” culture. As a child of the 80s was the perfect age to fall in love with the crew of the Enterprise D.

I’m a professional graphic designer but I love to work in my free time on nerdy designs like my favorite Star Trek characters and lots of Dungeons and Dragons work. It’s such a pleasure to interpret the characters in a fun new way. I’d like to think these Patrick Nagel inspired inspirations show a fun mashup of the characters from Next Generation. They’re powerful, actualized, they’re badass – and they can be sexy, too! The 80s styling and highly graphic nature is so fun to work with.

The best place to keep up with me is on my twitter, @natural20shirts. I share all my new works there, including links to buy my designs on tshirts, coffee mugs, and more! These Nagel illustrations are available on my Teepublic shop here:

I love being a part of the Star Trek community. There’s such good intention going around with humor, coolness, optimism, and creativity. What’s next? Maybe the ladies of DS9…

Carl Huber

You can also check Carl out on Twitter and Instagram.

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