Day 84 – Amok Time

Day 84 - Amok Time - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Amok Time

I got my days mixed up in all the craziness of late and thought for some reason that today was Leonard Nimoy’s birthday when in actual fact I was right in the first place and it’s tomorrow. So I expect to see a bit of a double up of Spock (not the worst thing in the world).

I wanted to have some fun with Spock weilding a lirpa so I checked out a bunch of similar reference shots to give him this deadly look.

Amok Time is such an amazing episode and as one of my patrons over on Patreon mentioned, it’s one of the TOS episodes that most benefitted from the updated CGI as the whole episode looks fantastic with Vulcan in all her glory.

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