Day 73 – Sir, he’s dead already

Day 73 - Sir, he's dead already - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Sir, he’s dead already

I did this sequence in 2014 and I wanted to revisit it to see if my approach would have changed.  I purposely didn’t go back and check it out and just drew it the way I would today.  It’s pretty much spot on for how I did it back then – the framing of the scene in my head with how I draw pretty much repositions everyone to get the impact of the scene.

For me I think there are a handful of scenes sprinkled throughout the Star Trek franchise that are just so unbelieveably brilliant and powerful that they are elevated above everything else.  This is one such scene, this whole ending is probably a candidate but this is mesmerising stuff.

On the one hand you have Shatner delivering his heart out, completely committed to the scene and then you have DeForest Kelley and James Doohan matching him all the way.  The physicality of the sequence and the delivery of these crushing lines as McCoy first grabs him knowing full well that his next move is to save Spock no matter what and then the bluntness that Scotty has to deliver in pure desperation.

It’s truly beautiful and this scribble doesn’t do it justice.

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