Day 6 – An original bridge for the USS Challenger by Tadeo D’Oria

The Enterprise D bridge by Tadeo D'Oria

Hi! My name is Tadeo and I’m a 3D modeler from Argentina. I started drawing starships when I was 3 years old or so (my parents were always into Trek so I got exposed to it really early!), and I kinda never stopped doing Trek related artwork ever since. 🙂 In my teens I discovered 3D modeling and that gave me a brand new way to create art. My first model was, logically, Trek related (an original ship bridge, to be more precise); and now that I call myself a professional 3D modeler (something which I still can’t believe sometimes), there\’s nothing I enjoy more than to work on Star Trek models and share them with the community.

Tadeo D’Oria

That’s an extraordinary amount of detail! Check out Tadeo’s website at and Twitter at

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