Day 51 – Archer and T’Pol in the Forge

Day 51 - Archer and T'Pol in the Forge - Star Trek 365 - by Lee Sargent 2018

Archer and T’Pol in the Forge

I started to really enjoy Enterprise in the fourth season.  The show seemed to be free of its shackles and telling cool prequel stories that really connected it to the Star Trek universe.  I fell in love with Enterprise on my second viewing.

With no expectations or impossibly high hopes for the show I could just enjoy it and get to really know the characters and I love them so much – especially T’Pol and Hoshi.

The Vulcan trilogy was a great reset for the crappy way Vulcans had been portrayed in the previous seasons and I loved exploring some of Vulcan.

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Drawn whilst listening to the Enterprise television soundtrack by Dennis McCarthy.