Day 50 – The Trouble with Tribbles

Day 50 - The Trouble with Tribbles - Star Trek 365 - by Lee Sargent 2018

There are 50 Tribbles on this page can you find them all?

I’m really so excited about hitting the 50 day mark, it’s been an amazing journey so far with nothing but huge positivity and an awesome sense of community around my silly little scribble project.

I wanted to celebrate the milestone appropriately and so even though you probably can’t tell by the above picture it is twice as large as normal and there are fifty Tribbles to find within.  I had to stitch two scans together to make the image!!!

I am working on a colouring page as well (I’ve got to stitch that together as well without my computer crashing lol).

Thank you to everyone who has supported the project, be it buying illustrations, making comments, subscribing to Patreon, sharing with your friends or a simple like.  I really appreciate it and it keeps the project driving forward.

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