Day 5 – Emissary

Day 5 - Emissary - Star Trek 386 by Lee Sargent 2018


The response to the question of what is the defining moment in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine pilot episode Emissary was loud and clear “It is not linear.” Everyone was right of course, this is the defining moment of DS9 and Sisko’s realisation that he must move on and embrace his new path.  Before this he could barely be in the same room with Captain Picard who he knew was just as much of a victim of Wolf 359. His second conversation with Picard much more civil, he is a man who has started on the road to healing, much like Bajor and the Bajoran people who have lost so much and need to heal.

This is the story of Deep Space Nine and it’s a wonderfully rich one.

The challenge with tackling these kind of scenes is a very valid fear of not being able to do it justice in my style.  This is a weighty scene and I honestly felt reverent when drawing Jennifer, in no way wishing to make light of the scene and its importance.  I usually play music whilst I illustrate but I didn’t with this one, probably a little silly but still.

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