Day 46 – Klingon marriage rituals

Day 46 - Klingon marriage rituals - Star Trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Now, Doctor!

Okay so yesterday’s piece was not romantic or Valentine’s Day inspired at all, a scheduling mix up on my behalf.  But since it is still Valentine’s for a couple of hours around half the world I figure I could make it up to everyone.

I’m not going to lie, Bashir and O’Brien make me laugh in this episode and in this illustration.  I was always going to feature Dax and Worf’s wedding but when I watched the episode again I couldn’t resist.

I did hold back slightly as I was going to include Captain Sisko still standing there looking disapproving but I think this works.  Had a devil of a time getting a look at the dress uniforms.  I just really liked the episode and I’m not that big of a Klingon culture fan so for me to enjoy a Klingon episode is a big thing.  I’m not sure if Worf was as much fun on DS9.

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