Day 43 – Captain Sylvia Tilly of the ISS Discovery

Day 43 - Captain Sylvia Tilly of the ISS Discovery - Star Trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Captain Sylvia Tilly of the ISS Discovery

Originally I intended to draw the USS Discovery profile but after several false starts (including one completely inked piece where the nacelles were just too short) I gave up and decided to celebrate today’s Star Trek Discovery season finale with a Captain Tilly illustration.  Done specially with indian ink straight from the ink pot!

Tilly is a stand out character who is a joy to watch and the idea of her being a Captain in the mirror universe is very fun.

Let’s see how the gang manage to wrap up this pretty uneven season of Discovery, I’m hoping it all pulls together but with so much “twist fatigue” I’m more hopeful for a more solid season two, which is a shame because it’s so far off.

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