Day 41 – Ambassador Sarek spotlight – Yesteryear

Day 41 - Ambassador Sarek spotlight - Yesteryear - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Ambassador Sarek spotlight – Yesteryear

I forget, was Sarek an ambassador during this period, I guess so as established by Discovery because this would have been a similar period to when he took on Burnham.  Sigh, I’m not going to launch back into there was no good reason to make Sarek and Amanda her adopted parents, it just creates timeline problems… (lol I kinda just did… double sigh.).

It’s cool they got Lenard back to voice Sarek in TAS instead of Jimmy Doohan doing an impression.  Yesteryear is one episode of TAS that I would argue as part of canon (I personally see most of TAS as canon myself but whatever).  A wonderful episode.

So this brings us to the end of the Sarek spotlight series, the set of six sketches are going to be available over on Etsy and we return to our regular series.  That said I’m sure I’m going to need a breather in the future what other character would you like to see given the spotlight series??

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