Day 4 – Encounter at Farpoint

Day 4 - Encounter at Farpoint - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Encounter at Farpoint

I’m old enough to remember the first time I ever saw Encounter at Farpoint (as I mentioned over on Twitter I keep going to call it Fairpoint for some reason), it was a weird sensation because, there was no internet back then so we had no idea what might be going on apart from the photocopied official Star Trek fan-club of Australia’s booklets that would be mailed out and had photocopied promo photos etc.  Also this had never been done, to my knowledge, taking an old show and putting a new generation in to replace them.

I remember not really registering Dr McCoy in it and hating the Enterprise D, I mean I did not like it at all.  All the costumes were different and more organic looking and very tight.

I look back on Farpoint with a lot of nostalgia and I still think as far as pilot episodes go it isn’t that bad at all.  I will admit to getting slightly misty eyed when Riker reminded us that he first met Data in the holodeck trying to whistle in Nemesis.

Also I got Deanna’s cheerleader colour wrong… sigh.

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