Day 39 – Ambassador Sarek spotlight – TNG

Day 39 - Ambassador Sarek spotlight - TNG - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent

Ambassador Sarek spotlight – TNG

I think including Sarek in TNG was a great choice, an important character to bridge the shows and films and completely… ummm fine, logical one considering Vulcan life spans.  Seeing him struggling in his old age isn’t completely comfortable which is good for the story definitely.  I ‘m not a massive fan of the light that Spock is shown in.  It feels like it completely disregards their wonderful scene at the end of Star Trek IV and the fact that Spock was working on his behest to broker peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

I do dig how the Vulcan design lineage continues.

Note that this will be available as part of a set of Sarek pencil sketches.