Day 275 – Jake at B’hala

Jake at B'hala
From Avatar Book One by S.D. Perry

So I finished book one of Avatar by S.D. Perry and I really enjoyed it. Pacing wise it might have taken a little longer than I’d hope for it to get where it was going but then there’s a lot of story to tell.

It’s a very believable path for DS9 and the introduction of Ensign Ro is great though she is a frustrating character at times.  I know she’s a fierce Bajoran woman but she also comes across as an asshole at times as well. But I guess that’s what makes her an intriguing character.

But I do love me some Bajoran history so I found Jake’s path quite enjoyable.

I’ll get to book two in due course but I’m back into the Wayfarer universe by Becky Chambers with Record of a Spaceborn Few. If you’ve not had a chance to read her series I highly recommend them.

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