Day 258 – Taking the dog for a walk

I got off on the wrong foot with Enterprise when it first aired, the second episode had them go to a planet that they’d never been to before and the first thing Captain Archer does is release his dog into the environment.

I understand the caveat that they scan for microbes and pathogens etc however we’ve seen how well that works in A Night in Sickbay.

It’s not really so much the danger to Porthos but rather the danger Porthos represents to the indigenous ecosystem.  And whilst that would be the case for any living creature at the very least they’re wearing clothing offering some protection and probably won’t go to the toilet any old place.

I just felt it was a lazy thing to write and illustrative of humanity’s self-absorption.  A really minor thing but it didn’t sit well with me at the time (actually it still doesn’t). 

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