Day 250 – Georgiou and Burnham beam onto the Sarcophagus ship

So far I’ve been featuring a big A3 piece for each milestone and today’s big 250th scribble is no different.  I’m up to Discovery and instead of attempting to try and work out a way to include everyone I thought I’d focus on Georgiou and Burnham when they beamed over to the Klingon ship.

I just thought it would be a cool picture for the 250th.

250 continuous drawings feels like a massive undertaking but to be honest I’m more surprised that we’re 250 days into 2018 with 2019 almost knocking on the door LOL.

As always a huge thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of this challenge, I can’t believe we’ve got just over a hundred more to go!  

I’m a little annoyed at Canon right now (the company not the Star Trek canon lol) because I had to use my iPhone for the above picture thanks to my fancy new scanner dying two weeks in and their warranty process taking up to 21 days so I’m out a scanner for a month.  Feel free not to buy a Canon product in support of my plight LOL.

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