Day 249 – the shuttlecraft

Shuttlecraft – Acrylic on Canvas

After doing 25 sketch cards and almost 250 of these illustrations, I wanted to try something slightly different.  So here I am working with another media as a bit of a palate cleanser.

I’ve played around with oils and acrylics before but I was interested to see if I could translate my style to it.  Originally it was supposed to be of Kirk and Spock on a planet but then I got totally carried away with creating the alien landscape that I didn’t want to mess with it any more than to add the shuttlecraft in.

I was pleased with how tiny and alone the shuttle feels. 

My good scanner is off being assessed for either repair or replacement and the old scanner really wasn’t up to the task of scanning this in so I took a photo instead.  Hopefully by the time I get tomorrow’s done the scanner will be back as it is back to watercolours for the big 250th.

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