Day 230 – Lieutenant Natasha Yar – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series

Lieutenant Natasha Yar – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series 7/25

Tasha Yar, who knows what Star Trek TNG would have been if she had stayed on the show.  I think they would have struggled with Worf’s character trying to find him purpose and I wonder if they would have transferred Geordi or kept him on the bridge if they hadn’t needed to shuffle things around for season 2.

I also think poor Denise Crosby suffered greatly in the first season with some terrible dialogue to deliver. Plus I think season one suffers greatly at the hands of casual misogyny.  We picked up on that continuously in the Star Trek First Watch podcast as we explored season one.  The head of security was constantly left out of important briefings with Geordi, Data and Worf attending despite being about security matters.

I think this is a character that just never got a fair go.

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