Day 229 – Lieutenant M’Ress – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series

Day 229 – Lieutenant M'Ress – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series
Lieutenant M’Ress – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series 6/25

I almost forgot to include our favourite Caitian and overlook The Animated Series which I wouldn’t have been happy about at all.

I’d love to see M’Ress represented in the Kelvin timeline films, even if she was simply in the background and now with Chekov’s absence on the bridge it would also be a perfect time to include Arex as well.

I think the sketch card set is going really well and we’ve already had almost half of the preorders locked in which is exciting as I explore printing options.

This is part of my Women of Star Trek sketch card set. It’s a set of 25 cards featuring the leading ladies of Trek from across the series.  The set is available for pre-order now and the original cards are on sale as below. 

Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available to purchase and are posted at 8:00 am Brisbane QLD Australia time.

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