Day 218 – an undignified plomeek soup

Day 218 - an undignified plomeek soup
Poking and prying! If I want anything from you, I’ll ask for it! 

I have a soft spot for Nurse Chapel’s crush on Spock.  She’s a bit tragic with it all which isn’t a criticism, it’s actually quite endearing really.  The novelisations of the films actually touch on it further, especially Star Trek III The Search for Spock with McCoy doing his Spock impressions her reaction to it is very emotional.

As I discussed over on Patreon the my paint mix for the floor hit a darker patch on black ink mixed in and the floor came out a lot darker than I originally wanted.

Probably wouldn’t have worried me but I did the uniforms lighter to make the soup pop but overall I’m okay with it.

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