Day 214 – Chief petty officer Miles O’Brien – Chief of Operations Space Station DS9

Day 214 - Chief petty officer Miles O'Brien - Chief of Operations Space Station DS9

As well as being the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Defiant.  Does he pull down double leave by doing the two roles?  I can’t imagine running the Engineering component of a starship, even a smaller one like Defiant is a part-time job?

Anyway, it all worked out fine for me because it meant I could draw him near a warp core 😉

I do NOT want to enter into any discussions about his rank or position, much more in-the-know people than I have tracked his many different ranks, I just went off the official website.

To be perfectly honest with you had I been asked what the Defiant’s warp core looked like I wouldn’t have been able to tell you until I looked it up so that’s kind of fun because I certainly know it now.

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