Day 200 – It’s been a long road

Day 200 - it's been a long road

The NX-01 crew explore the monoliths of Sh’kovar at the invitation of the Imperial Council of the Andorian Empire.

Wow, two hundred Star Trek scribbles for the year and it’s been one heck of a journey.  I want to thank everyone for their amazing support of the project.  I just wouldn’t have found the energy to keep getting them done everyday if it was for you guys.

I wanted to celebrate exploration with the NX-01 team and I’ve really been enjoying making up original content for all the Star Trek characters so I thought I’d show them checking out some cool Andorian monoliths because the Andorians were also such a big part of the show. I really wish season five with Shran coming on as a full time cast member could have happened.  Perhaps that’s a drawing for another day?

To celebrate this is another of the big A3 drawings.

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