Day 192 – Starfleet Academy: Operational Support – Hospitality

192 - Starfleet Academy: Operational Support - Hospitality

Yeoman Janice Rand straight from the flagship USS Enterprise shows Cadet Shyren how stuff gets done on a starship when the power is down. Chef Sada is making his famous Kelpien stew (made by, not “of”).

Join the team that keeps Starfleet nourished and fit for duty, acquiring catering skills that include menu planning, provisioning, food prepping, cooking and service.  You’ll be responsible for making sure that shipboard food delivery runs smoothly and caters to a wide range of species and tastes.

It’s no secret I have a soft spot for Rand so this one was all about her passing on her secrets to hot coffee in a crisis.  Plus I couldn’t resist making a Kelpien joke.

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