Day 185 – Starfleet Academy: Shuttlecraft flight school

Day 185 - Starfleet Academy: Shuttlecraft flight school

Flying a shuttlecraft can be a brutal assault on your senses, I’m here to give you a taste of that.  Starfleet has some of the finest pilots in the galaxy, and they’re gonna be sucking your eyes into the back of your skulls. We’re gonna twist ya. And we’re gonna flip ya. Frap your body till your bones hurt and when you squeal, we’re just gonna go faster and harder.*

Experience one of Starfleet’s most exciting flying jobs, taking part in search and rescue missions, medical evacuations, disaster-relief and away missions where the transporter just won’t do!

You’ll learn to fly the Class F shuttlecraft in the most extreme conditions, making you invaluable to any Starbase or maybe even one of the Constitution class fleet.

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*with apologies to Armageddon, I couldn’t help myself.