Day 172 – Constable Odo reviews the night’s crime report

Day 172 - Constable Odo reviews the night's crime report

For this year’s Star Trek Éire they have René Auberjonois joining them and I was invited to contribute an Odo illustration to their charity auction for which all benefits go to Doctors Without Borders.

Well, Mr Auberjonois has always been very awesome when it comes to my illustrations, two of my drawings have served as his Twitter profile pic over the past year or so and he owns an original Odo sketch card so that was appealing, I also have a friend who’s organising it and Doctors Without Borders is a fantastic charity so how could I refuse???

So the spec was to feature Odo and I can’t picture him any way better than reviewing the arrests from the night before early in the morning in the Security Office.  It was a very fun piece to do.

There will also be signed limited post cards of this so if you’re in Dublin go check this out!!!

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