Day 17 – Move Along Home

Day 17 - Move Along Home - Star Trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Move Along Home

So over on Twitter and Facebook I asked what episode you’d pick to be featured in the Star Trek 365 and the answers were all fantastic and all went on a list, an actual list. All great picks, and then Trek Core chimed in: Move Along Home, the first season episode from Deep Space Nine that is more often than not the example given when discussing DS9 Season One’s ummm weaknesses.

It’s actually not that bad, I don’t think, it’s not that great to watch, the horrible song gets stuck in your ear like a Ceti Alpha V Eel however the general concept doesn’t offend me.  There are some surprisingly good lines in it especially Major Kira’s “Oh, no. I’m sure all you Starfleet explorers find this fascinating, but I’m a Bajoran administrator. This is not what I signed up for.” I really like that, she’s so angry in this season.

So despite the episode being much maligned and the fact that there are so many much better episodes I’m granting Trek Core’s wish because I owe them greatly for their screencaps and their support!

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