Day 163 – Captured by a giant green space hand

Day 163 - Captured by a giant green space hand

Despite its appearance, that of a human appendage, it is definitely not living tissue. It is energy.

Okay the absolute coolest thing about this illustration is not that it is a huge A3 piece but that’s my hand!!!  It’s actually 1:1 scale on the original illustration and I used a photo to model the hand.

I’m not sure why but almost everything came together perfectly for this piece and I’m very happy with it.  I’m actually considering making A3 prints because I kind of want one myself for the wall LOL.

It’s an iconic scene that has absolutely no right to be taken seriously but it works and it’s awesome and it’s a great memorable episode.  I chose to replicate the original episode that doesn’t show the planet because I just liked how it’s hanging there in space.

Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available on Etsy and are posted at approx 8:00am Brisbane QLD Australia time.  Note that this is an A3 sized piece and therefore a little bit more expensive then the regular ones.  Also the sharpie black textures can be seen on the original – the scan has been filtered to give a darker crisp background.

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