Day 148 – Council chamber delegate from Star Trek IV

Day 148 - Council chamber delegate from Star Trek IV

See this is one of the major differences in the effectiveness of the marketing machine that is Star Wars compared to what Star Trek seems to struggle with.  If this was a Star Wars character we would have a name for this alien, a backstory and probably an action figure.  Boba Fett’s name is never even said in Empire Strikes Back but everyone knew who he was.

I think it’s a shame that all this effort goes into the development of these aliens but then they don’t bother fleshing them out into an expanded universe. I might be wrong, this guy might have a name or a species listing somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

I’m going to do one more of these for tomorrow (and maybe the day after 150th) and then we’re back to regular scribbles for a while – I’d like to get a run of them done.

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