Day 145 – Constable Odo meets Kira Nerys on Terok Nor

Day 145 - Constable Odo meets Kira Nerys on Terok Nor

Whose side are you going to be on, Constable?

I honestly think that Deep Space Nine hits the ground running in season two, there’s a lot of good stuff in that season and this is a scene I’ve been thinking about drawing for a couple of weeks now.  I think René Auberjonois delivers a mesmerising performance as Odo aboard Terok Nor in Necessary Evil.  His whole demeanor is different, he’s almost meek whilst still retaining that streak of angry integrity.  He holds his head and arms differently.  It’s a wonderful performance.

I love it when we discover it is Nerys who gives him the unofficial title of Constable.

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