Day 140 – Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Poster

Day 140 - Star Trek IV The Undiscovered Country Poster

I did things a little different with this one, the black background obviously, which I actually inked in first before inking in everything else just because I wanted to set it up a certain way.

I’ve actually gone step by step through the design process over on Patreon which will be available to everyone in a couple of days.

I really love this poster but I kind of think I love the alternative poster just a touch more but I’m sticking with official posters for this activity.  Maybe I’ll do it in the future.

So this poster will not be going up for sale, someone has been quietly swooping in and buying ALL of the posters as they go up so I’ve agreed to keep the set together and let him bundle the first six posters up.  It’s probably better for them to be a set anyway.

Generations however will be up for grabs when I get it done.

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