Day 139 – It’s Sabotage

Day 139 - It's Sabotage

It’s sabotage

On paper it sounds stupid as hell but on the big screen with exactly the right timing and earnest delivery the scene involving the disruptive noise is very satisfying.I have a soft spot for the USS Franklin, I bought the christmasornament and it’s the only one I still own (I had a HUGE collection of them but sold them to pay bills at some stage… sigh).

So when I watched Star Trek Beyond the other day I just clicked on the scene I wanted to capture somehow.  Then when I worked out the how and what element I realised that I should really make this a big one so this is A3 in size.  I also emptied a sharpie.

I was actually going to draw the Franklin a lot smaller and have more explosion like in the film but then I really just wanted to draw the ship.  It’s actually almost exactly the size of my ornament in real life LOL.

Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available on Etsy and are posted at approx 8:00am Brisbane QLD Australia time. This one is double the size of the normal ones so it has to ship in a poster tube.

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