Day 12 – Spock by Birjit Junk

Spock by Birjit Junk

I was born in 1967 and raised in Germany and I´m a Trekker since I my childhood. I watched the adventures of the Enterprise-Crew every week, although it wasn’t easy to convince my parents to do so, because we only had one TV! And on the other channel (there were only three of them at that time!) ran soccer. I read every SF book I could get and made some drawings of my heroes. When TNG was aired I didn`t liked the idea of a new crew without my beloved ones. But there was this adorable First Officer… 🙂 and when I took a closer look at the show I found all these lovely interactions between the characters that stole my heart when I was a kid watching TOS. I visited my very first Convention last August in Las Vegas and was overwhelmed by the love and the friendship of the fans and, especially, of the actors ! It felt like you could take a little look at Gene Roddenberry’s visions of the future. Live long and prosper.

Birjit Junk

Twitter – @Biggi47664220

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