Day 116 – Coffee and Captains – Jean-Luc Picard

Day 116 - Coffee and Captains - Jean-Luc Picard

Captain Picard pours a coffee for Beverley

I had it pointed out over on Patreon that Picard does have coffee with Dr Crusher over breakfast. So I have my out for including him in the Captains/Coffee set.  That said I’m not convinced that isn’t tea in his own cup.

I highly recommend reading ‘Now pour the tea’: An Aesthetic Evaluation of Picard’s Tea Sets. It is a wonderful read and the definitive evaluation of Captain Picard’s hot beverage dispensing choices and what they mean.  One part really stood out to me and influenced this illustration was that Captain Picard is the consumate host and always concerns himself with presenting his guest the appropriate beverage.  Deanna Troi for instance gets coffee and I think that’s a nice element to Picard’s character.

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