Day 110 – Captain Janeway has a question

Day 110 - Captain Janeway has a question - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 3018

Star Trek Voyager: The Final Frontier

Kes returns to the Voyager claiming that she knows the way to Compah the Ocampan version of Eden, that the Comra had spoken to her and given her the power to release pain.

She takes over Voyager by convincing the crew that her visions will lead them all back to the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Janeway, Tuvok and the Doctor all resist but they make it through the galactic barrier and meet God.

Janeway, is unimpressed.

I LOVED designed TOS Borg and that was my favourite for the year so far.  This however is now my absolute favourite one.  I’m just happy with how a scrambled idea I had at three in the morning would come together and work. I love this scene as it originally appears, it’s probably my favourite in all of Star Trek but the idea of Janeway doing it seems completely right.

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