Day 107 – The Clockwork Disease

Day 107 - The Clockwork Disease - star trek 365 by lee sargent 2018

The Clockwork Disease

I wanted to take a sideways step and do a short series of “what-if” illustrations crossing over the different series.

In the unwritten episode The Clockwork Disease, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to the remote New Providence colony after failed attempts to contact them.  They discover that the colony has been wiped out by an unknown race.

“My god Jim, this man is part mechanism.”

“Fascinating Captain, it would appear that the Borg operate under a hive mind.”

“Individuality is NOT irrelivant, it’s what makes us who we are.  We… need our indivduality to function.”

I know that the comics have done a Kirk / Borg storyline but I wanted to reimagine them as if they were on TOS and not in the Kelvin universe.  My only concession is that they probably wouldn’t have done the green eye.

I think I would be very interested in expanding on this idea, tomorrow I’m visiting TNG… kind of.

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