Day 104 – Star Trek V The Final Frontier poster

day 104 - Star Trek V The Final Frontier poster

Star Trek V The Final Frontier

I love Star Trek V.

I don’t care what you think, I don’t care about the production problems, or the underwelming special effects or the wrong number of decks.  I love the ambition of Star Trek V and the scope of it.  I love the character building and I love “excuse me, what does God need with a starship?”.

I love the addition of Sybok, of course Spock’s brother would be banished and in search of a greater being.  I think that the character doesn’t get enough credit in the franchise universe and adds an extremely interesting componet to Spock and Sarek.

The teaser poster would have been significantly easier than this one lol.

Now, the posters are going to go on sale individually.  They are going to be more expensive than the regular pieces.  I will give plenty of warning of when they go up.  In the meantime the first four posters are being made available in postcard sets and will up for preorder in the next couple of days.  If they’re popular then the remaining posters will join them as I complete them.

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