Day 280 – The crew of the USS Voyager

The last of my 2017 commission pieces!  I’m not a massive fan of doing so many crew pieces together, I get a bit angsty about the poses and feel like I need to vary them. So I’ve got a bunch of group photo poses that I’ll draw from and for Voyager I thought I’d try […]

Day 221 – Neelix

I couldn’t have a food themed week without Neelix and I had it drawn to my attention that I hadn’t really featured him yet. I was never a massive fan of Neelix in the first run of Voyager but the character really grew on me over the years and I really like the idea of […]

Day 197 – Starfleet Academy: Elementary Temporal Mechanics

Day 197 - Starfleet Academy: Elementary Temporal Mechanics

No one wants a visit from the Department of Temporal Investigations so Elementary Temporal Mechanics is designed to give you a basic overview, of temporal mechanics and time travel.  It will provide you with the very basic tools to avoid bringing the universe to a halt through paradox implosion. Guest starring Cadet Colin who is […]