Day 357 – Merry Trekmas – TOS

To celebrate the festive season that is Trekmas* I wanted to celebrate with everyone by sharing a series of Trekmas illustrations that hopefully cover everyone’s favourite series so starting right now I’ll be posting continuously over the next few days various Trekmas gift exchanges. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me asking… some begging […]

Day 346 – Heh, born pregnant?

So one of the challenges of getting these requests is being original. I know everyone* wants that image that they saw on my feed but they’re often hard to recapture and they feel hollow so I attempt to do something different with every original illustration. The request here was just for TOS Dr McCoy so […]

Day 344 – The Galactic Barrier

I really wanted to capture what it might have looked like within the galactic barrier during Where No Man Has Gone Before.  It was this giant purple energy cloud and then there were these giant flashes of yellow and orange. It’s a little bit of a departure from the space pics but I’ve tried to […]