Day 266 – Balok’s Decoy

Today has been a long day of packing sketch card sets so I’m pretty exhausted so nothing too elaborate. Balok’s puppet is a character that I do struggle with trying to capture, he would seem a reasonably straightforward chap to draw but I always end up sketching him out several times to try and get […]

Day 260 – Omnipotent Coffee

I forgot that they’d been together in a book, and then I thought I’d read it but now I’m convinced that I haven’t read it. Don’t age kids, it’s terrible lol. I did have thoughts of adding young Charlie Evans in having a babychino but then I can’t imagine him being invited out for coffee […]

Day 249 – the shuttlecraft

Shuttlecraft – Acrylic on CanvasAfter doing 25 sketch cards and almost 250 of these illustrations, I wanted to try something slightly different.  So here I am working with another media as a bit of a palate cleanser. I’ve played around with oils and acrylics before but I was interested to see if I could translate […]

Day 228 – Nurse Christine Chapel – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series

Nurse Christine Chapel – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series 5/25It’s fitting that Majel Barrett-Roddenberry will appear multiple times in this list and my favourite role of hers is that of Christine Chapel. Like Rand I appreciated her continued presence throughout the movies though I think that she could have featured more heavily, especially […]