Day 206 – Ensign Ro

Day 206 - Ensign Ro

I’m not sure if anyone ever beamed on to the Enterprise and dropped so much attitude in such a short time than Ro Laren.  Everything is there right in the first seconds she appears.  She was an awesome character. Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available to purchase and are posted at 8:00 am Brisbane QLD Australia time. […]

Day 202 – Guinan and Uhura

Day 202 - Guinan and Uhura

So whilst conjuring up scenarios for the Starfleet Academy illustrations I got to thinking about how Guinan would have probably been around several Federation facilities and probably even Earth during that era.  Which then led me to think about how wonderfully perfect it would have been for Guinan to cross paths with Uhura seeing as […]

Day 180 – Skin of Evil redux

Day 180 - Skin of Evil redux

So Heath and I discussed Skin of Evil the other night and it will feature in an upcoming podcast episode.  One of the things that struck us was how much the episode could have worked if the effects, set and Armus were better. It’s doubly frustrating to see Andrew Probert’s original concept sketch for Armus […]