Day 180 – Skin of Evil redux

Day 180 - Skin of Evil redux

So Heath and I discussed Skin of Evil the other night and it will feature in an upcoming podcast episode.  One of the things that struck us was how much the episode could have worked if the effects, set and Armus were better. It’s doubly frustrating to see Andrew Probert’s original concept sketch for Armus […]

Day 141 – 11001001

Day 141 - 11001001

I watched this recently for the Star Trek First Watch Podcast and I wanted to revisit it because it stands out from my childhood.  We were surprised at how solid an episode it is and I’d argue it’s one of the best of Season One TNG. Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available on Etsy […]

Day 123 – Datalore

Day 123 - Datalore - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent

We recently watched this episode for the First Watch podcast and despite some of the issues that episode has I think introducing an evil twin was a great idea for Data’s story.  It’s also an opportunity ofcourse for Brent Spiner to do something a little bit different and I’m happy he’s the face of the […]