Day 277 – Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge crew in Ten Forward

The request was to include Guinan and Wesley in addition to the main cast which presented a challenge in space and positioning.  I fit Wesley in by getting him to crouch down and then I realised I had no more room. So then I moved them all down to Ten Forward so I could fit […]

Day 272 – Justice…?

Fortunately I think some of these lend themselves quite easily to be reinterpreted.  I came very close to adding the question mark but decided to keep it traditional and just add it to the post title. I think this is possibly my best Q.

270 -The Hanged Man

This isn’t going to be a thing. But this card was all but screaming to be done in light of yesterday’s image.  I may also have another idea for another card… maybe two… This isn’t going to be a thing. I didn’t try to link in a backstory with the card because I think the […]

Day 264 – Doctor Beverly Crusher

Oh tomorrow is exciting, once I met William Shatner I didn’t really imagine meeting anyone else for Star Trek but when Gates McFadden was announced at Oz ComicCon in Brisbane I kinda got swept up in it all. So I ordered the Nemesis style uniform for Riker because he is literally the only character I […]

Day 260 – Omnipotent Coffee

I forgot that they’d been together in a book, and then I thought I’d read it but now I’m convinced that I haven’t read it. Don’t age kids, it’s terrible lol. I did have thoughts of adding young Charlie Evans in having a babychino but then I can’t imagine him being invited out for coffee […]

Day 253 – Gowron, son of M’Rel

Number one thing when drawing Gowron, the eyes are EVERYTHING. The third of my commissioned Klingon trio. I didn’t sign any of these because I didn’t want to add anything extra to them but something I noticed later is that you can make out my thumbprint in his hair which is the ultimate signature!