Day 19 – Run! by Jeff Waltrowski

I’m a part time filmmaker and action figure photographer. I’ve been an obsessed Star Trek fan since birth. In real life, I work with dogs and have one fur child of my own, a chocolate lab named George Lazenby Chewbacca Brown Instagram:

Day 17 – Foundation of Sand by Scott Matteson

By night he\’s a security guard for a consumer research organization. But by day he freelances as a graphic artist designing book covers, creating social media avatars, blog headers, fake movie posters and other assorted visuals larks. Always accepting commissions. Website – www.planetrisecreative.comTwitter – @planetrise

Day 16 – Choose your uniform by Michael McLean

A stay at home father that works part time in retail. Slow to except his full nerd reality. Now introducing his little family into all things nerd, be it Star Trek, comics, or board games. Michael now documents his life and passions in comics. Website – minidovecomics.wordpress.comFacebook – – @minidovecomicsInstagram – @minidovecomics

Day 15 – The Doctors by Stevie Lee

Stevie Lee is a digital artist, graphic designer, and videographer. Her day job includes working at a library and being hassled by cats. A geek of all trades (but master of none), Stevie lives in south Florida but is obsessed with Boston. Her favorite Trek series is “The Original Series” and though she\’s totally in […]

Day 13 – The Enterprise by Adolf Rodriguez

The Enterprise by Adolf Rodriguez

Born and raised in Barcelona, Adolf Rodriguez inherits his name from his grandfather Adolfo, a tradition in his family that started with the first dinosaur, the Adolphosaurus. Dinosaurs, astronauts, cowboys, cars and characters with no face are his distinctive trademark. Adolf Rodriguez Website: www.famousadolf.comFacebook:

Day 12 – Spock by Birjit Junk

I was born in 1967 and raised in Germany and I´m a Trekker since I my childhood. I watched the adventures of the Enterprise-Crew every week, although it wasn’t easy to convince my parents to do so, because we only had one TV! And on the other channel (there were only three of them at […]